Experienced Criminal Defense Representation In Central Florida

If you are under investigation for a criminal offense, or have already been formally charged, you likely know that you have many choices to make. Whether this is your first time facing criminal allegations, or you have previously had contact with the criminal justice system, you deserve to have a lawyer you can trust. The lawyer you choose can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

A Trial Proven Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Will Stand Up For Your Rights

At the Law Office of Fernando Iglesias in DeLand, Florida, we are driven to providing a thorough analysis of each unique situation and providing clients with straightforward answers about their legal options. Criminal defense lawyer Iglesias has more than 20 years of trial proven experience defending against criminal charges. When you retain us to defend against charges in state or federal court in Central Florida, you will work one-on-one with a highly skilled defense lawyer every step of the way.

An effective criminal defense involves a strong mix of legal knowledge, experience with local practices, the ability to read police reports (including between the lines) and evaluate evidence. We know how local police and prosecutors operate and apply that knowledge to protect the rights of our clients. We are well-versed in combining the art and science of crafting legal strategies to avoid convictions or limit the damages that a conviction can bring. Fernando Iglesias has handled, and can handle, nearly every kind of charge imaginable, including:

  • Murder charges: A murder charge is a serious offense. Attorney Fernando Iglesias is a skilled trial lawyer with experience defending against all manner of violent crimes, including murder.
  • RICO offenses: A charge under Florida's RICO Act does not require the prosecutor to prove an economic motive. Drug trafficking and gang-related activities are often charged as RICO offenses.
  • Sexual offenses: Being accused of a sex crime can bring a wide range of potential consequences, including registration requirements and the stigma of being accused of a sexual offense. We do not judge clients, but provide a zealous defense no matter what the allegations involve.
  • DUI charges: Our comprehensive services in drinking and driving cases, or driving under the influence of drugs, include skilled guidance in the criminal case, as well as representing clients in DMV license suspension hearings, when possible.
  • Drug crimes: Mandatory minimum sentences, search and seizure issues and constructive possession cases are among the wide range of issues that your lawyer needs to understand. We have represented clients in a wide range of matters involving heroin, prescription medications, methamphetamine manufacturing and a wide range of other substances.

Arrange A Free Initial Consultation With A Trusted Defense Lawyer — El Abogado Habla Español.

To arrange a no-pressure, free consultation with a skilled lawyer in DeLand, send us an email or call 386-320-5412. Defense lawyer Fernando Iglesias makes jail visits and will meet clients in the evening or on the weekend, by appointment.